Family Try-A-Bike
Ever wonder, “What kind of bike and equipment should I get for biking with my kids?” Much like our Annual Try-A-Bike in August, Family Try-a-Bike will showcase a wide range of bicycles and attachments for riding with your children that you can test in a friendly, pressure-free environment.

When? AT OPEN STREETS: Sunday, May 28th 2017, 10:00am-1:00pm

Where? Thick Bikes in South Side

Try-A-Bike 2014
Trying out a recumbent trike at the 2014 Try-a-Bike event. Photo by: Colleen Marsala-Spiegler

Annual Try-A-Bike Jamboree
Try out a new kind of bike! Recumbents and trikes, tandems, tall bikes, unicycles, cargo bikes, fixies, trailers, e-assist bikes, and whatever else we can scrounge up will be available for you to take out for a spin. And we usually have a demo Port Authority bus bike rack, so you can practice racking your bike at your leisure.

When? During BikePGH’s annual festival Bikefest, which is in late August.

Where? The Bud Harris Cycling Track, Washington Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

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