Try-A-Bike 2014
Trying out a recumbent trike at the 2014 Try-a-Bike event. Photo by: Colleen Marsala-Spiegler

7th Annual Try-A-Bike Jamboree
Try out a new kind of bike! Recumbents and trikes, tandems, tall bikes, unicycles, cargo bikes, fixies, trailers, e-assist bikes, and whatever else we can scrounge up will be available for you to take out for a spin. And we usually have a demo Port Authority bus bike rack, so you can practice racking your bike at your leisure.

When? Sunday, August 20th, 10am-3pm

Where? The Bud Harris Cycling Track, Washington Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Family Try-A-Bike

Ever wonder, “What kind of bike and equipment should I get for biking with my kids?” Much like our Annual Try-A-Bike in August, Family Try-a-Bike will showcase a wide range of bicycles and attachments for riding with your children that you can test in a friendly, pressure-free environment.


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