Monthly Bike Rides

Check our CALENDAR for dates.

412 Flock usually holds one bike ride per month, and we host some other special events throughout the year as well.  They all have a slightly different style, but all abide by a few similar rules:

-NO DROP. This means, no matter how slow you may think you are, or how hard hills are for you, you  will not be left behind, and the whole group is there to support you.
-BE COURTEOUS. In order to show bicycles in a positive light, all 412 Flock rides abide by the rules of the road.  The group stops at traffic lights, takes turns at stop signs, and sticks to one lane on multi-lane roads.  In order for roads to be safe for all users, everyone must obey the rules.
-ALL-INCLUSIVE. Everyone is welcome.  The environment is encouraging and positive–race, gender, social class, gender identity, sexual preference, and anything else that you may feel makes you different, does not matter.  Anyone found to be disturbing this positive environment will be asked to leave.
-SPEAK UP. If you are uncomfortable, having problems, or have any other type of concern on a ride, let it be known to a ride leader.  412 Flock is community supported, and your input, concerns, or problems are important.  It is also appreciated to let others know if you leave a ride early.

Flock ride - March 2011
The group stops for a break under the bridge at Point State Park in March 2011.

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