About Us

412 Flock works to bring people together and make Pittsburgh a fun place to ride bikes. We are an organization with no paid staff, fully supported by community volunteers.

412 Flock! is the re-branding of “Flock of Cycles” (founded in 2010): same fun and rides with a more Pittsburgh name! The idea behind 412 Flock was born out of Critical Mass, but with road safety in mind.  Too often do we see cyclists behaving unsafely on the road and the same can be said about motorists.  In order to address this behavior we began having social rides every Friday that adhered to all of the rules of the road while having a great time doing it.  As our numbers grew and we gained support from the community, it became apparent that we could be doing a lot more than just having a few rides every month.

Along with our monthly rides, we look to collaborate with other groups to bring the cycling community together in a way that encourages anyone afraid to ride on the road to give it a shot.  From parties to marshaling services and educational events, 412 Flock wants anyone on a bike to feel good riding beside motorists, and any motorists to feel confident riding next to a bike.

We would like to thank Bike-PGH for all of their hard work in pushing Pittsburgh’s cycling infrastructure to establish it as a great place to ride your bike and continuing to work with local government and communities to make it even better.  Most importantly, we would like to thank the community for their support, and especially all the people who have come to our rides through the years. Your excitement and participation makes it possible for us to keep moving ahead and doing some cool things in and around Pittsburgh.

412 Flock! Motto:

“Making Pittsburgh Better, One Ride at a Time”

412 Flock! Misson:

To connect different groups and individuals who want to use their bikes and their unique experiences to make themselves and Pittsburgh better by leading slow, safe, and welcoming group city rides and providing marshal services.

412 Flock! Goals:

  • To add value to the Pittsburgh community and organizations by conducting fun, operationally sound bike rides that are returning-rider and new-arrival friendly.
  • To emphasize safety and best practices to get people on bikes in an urban setting.
  • To structure our activities as an outreach to communities that are not explicitly embraced by the typical cycling schedule.
  • To reclaim the child-like sense of riding a bike by building joy into everything we do.

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