Seed Bombs by Bike…for the Bees!

Apoidea ApiaryIt’s finally feeling a lot more like Spring.  Everything is getting greener, and the weather sunnier.  You know what that means – time to get out on our bikes…and seed bomb some trails!

412 Flock is joining up with Apoidea Apiary to organize tomorrow’s 10-mile ride, which will hit up Pittsburgh’s riverfront trails, a prime place for seed-bombing.

Pittsburgh’s three rivers are important to the health of our local bees. The river zone hosts flowering plants that can keep producing food for bees all growing season since there is a dependable source of moisture. Spring is the best time to get them going! We’ll end the ride at OTB Bicycle Cafe, where we will have a honey tasting of some of Pittsburgh’s local raw river zone honeys by Apoidea Apiary.

No gardening experience is needed – just a pitching arm. Essentially, seed bombs are little clay balls with native seeds rolled inside so when they hit the banks of the river, the seeds are released to germinate. The “Bombs” will be provided and are made with a Mid-Atlantic Pollinator Mix grown locally by Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, PA.  Feel free to bring your own native seed bombs with you.   The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources also has some information on landscaping and local plants and how you can benefit local pollinators like bees.

We hope you will BEE there tomorrow! 🙂

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