Join us tonight at 6pm for the March monthly Flock Ride!

For our first 412 Flock ride of the year, we’ll hit Oakland, Downtown, Northside and finally end up at Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville for a pizza party. Temps will be in the lower 50’s into the upper 40’s, so dress in layers, but it looks to be a clear night at least! Our bike dancing will keep us warm. šŸ™‚

See the map here:

Flock Riders at the Point

Item of note: we will pause in Market Square to check out the installation art piece going on in honor of Pittsburgh’s bicentennial. Other events will be going on and continuing in the evening, so we encourage you to check them out after the ride.

Healthy Ride stations are available near the start and stop points of our ride. If you need to get back to Oakland, someone will be available to escort you back.

Hope to see you at Dippy at 6:00!


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